Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait or buy the house now?

My answer to your question will be a question. Why are you thinking to buy a house? If the answer to that question is that you need a larger/smaller space or a change of lifestyle. Then I recommend not gauging the market. Just buy the house. The rule of thumb based on the history is that your property will appreciate in ten years. But if the answer to my question is you are looking for an investment property, then we have to analyze the market together closely.

Should I spend money upgrading my house if I am selling it soon?

The rule of thumb is that the attractive house sells fast and for more than its comparable with moderate to no upgrades. The emotions decide the price tag of the house. The future buyer is visualizing herself/himself in the house. He/she is thinking about how enjoyable and admirable an experience will be in the house he/she buying. Therefore, the answer to this question will be to do the upgrades that will fit your lifestyle and align with the current trend. You most likely will get that recovered in the selling price of the house.

Why do I need a REALTOR® for my Real Estate Transaction?

Well, it is like asking – “why do I need a doctor for a procedure?” or “why do I need an attorney to represent myself in a court case?” or many others. I think the question should be – “Why do I need a Good REALTOR®?”. Here the keyword is “Good”.

Like any other profession, a Real Estate Agent in California goes through mandatory training, state exam, and thorough background check with the California Department of Justice and FBI. On top of that, if a Real Estate agent joins an association of REALTORS® by paying dues and fulfilling its professional requirements, he is called a REALTOR®. He/she becomes part of the state organization and the national organization. A REALTOR® has the tools, resources, and support to provide the best professional service to his clients. A well-acquainted REALTOR® keeps up with the industry. He/she chooses a good broker to support him and his clients. What that means for the clients is to expect nothing but the best outcome from a Good REALTOR®.

Why should I spend time and money before putting my house in the market?

Again emotions decide the price tag of your house. Know that the future buyer is visualizing them in the house you are selling. No buyer would like to buy a house with problems, even the small ones. On top of that, if you have made your house attractive, you are more likely to get more than one buyer interested to buy your house. That will work in your favor. I never ask my clients to spend a fortune and lose a lot of time with upgrades. After I visit your place, I make a list of the minimum possible upgrades (if any). I know good contractors who can help you achieve those with the least possible spending and with the quickest turnaround. Also, my goal is to get at least two times your investments in those upgrades.

Why did you become a REALTOR®?

Trust me, I get that a lot, especially when they find out that my career started as a Chemical Engineer. I came to the US after finishing an undergraduate in Chemical Engineering in India. I joined the corporate job after graduating in Chemical Engineering in the US. After a few years, I discovered that I am not cut out for a corporate job. I am a people person. I like to help people and get happy to see them succeed in whatever I help them with. With my entrepreneurial spirit, I have started three successful businesses and also gained a tremendous amount of real-life experience. The experience, which I would have never got in 8 ft by 8 ft cubical. I have received a great amount of support from many great people along the way. Now, I strongly feel that I need to give the same kindness back to whoever needs help. And I feel that selling or buying a house is one of the biggest life-changing events that people need the most help with. Therefore, here I am to serve you and others as a REALTOR®.

I need Realtor’s help to buy a house. Do I have to pay anything to the REALTOR® I hire?

In most cases, No. Because usually, the houses are listed with a commission for the buyer’s agent paid by the seller. Good Realtors work hard without any upfront compensation to find the right house for you.