I understand the importance of both finding and securing the right home.

The journey of buying the right home should be enjoyable. I’m ready and eager to make that happen. I will guide you and provide all the necessary information you’ll ever need to help you make this important decision.

interior home design in living room with open kitchen in the loft house


I enjoy working with a wide variety of home buyers.

Every situation comes with its own rewarding challenges. My thing is – if you are looking for a home and need help, then I am your guy. I do not filter any buyers. I am here to help you – I will give you a recommendation/advice as needed or hold your hand through the process. I will follow your preference.

Submitting a Strong Offer.

I will help you analytically, strategically, and offer a strong action plan to get you in a home of your choice.


I will advise you with market climate, timing, pricing and strategy


I will advise you with potential for multiple offers and strategies to successfully compete against other buyers

Action Plan

When applicable an action plan to strengthen your offer including pre-inspection, altered contingencies, earnest money, closing timeline, seller rent back and more

The Road Map of Buying Home.

Let’s take a look at together each and every stage of the home buying process. Don’t let it overwhelm you. For any questions or concerns, I am just a phone call or a text message away.

Ready for Initial Consultation?

When I was new to the industry, in fact, new to the country, there were many great people I received support from. I would like to give the same kindness back to anyone looking for help. So please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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Other real estate services.


Finding a buyer is just one aspect of selling home. You need someone to analyze offers and compare them side by side, explain terms, negotiate on your behalf, stay on top of the deadlines, and work with escrow.


Whether you are a lessor or lessee, having an expert by your side will always be at your advantage.


Commercial property comes with its own challenges. I am a financially savvy Realtor, who has vast business experience.